'A Year of the Cat' FAQ

Why does this blog only have photos of a cat?
A Year of the Cat is a photoblog of one year in my life. That means everyday, my owner will take a photo and upload it.

Who is the beautiful cat?
*prrrrr* I'm Moss. I'm a 13 year old tortoiseshell kitty, who loves to headbutt people unconscious, and lie in the sun. My awesome powers include shedding hair, purring louder than you, and a wide range of vocalisations.

Are you a Lolcat?
I is a very srz cat. Captions are graciously accepted, however, as my rightful tribute. 

How old are you?
I'm thirteen in human years - middle age in cat years. I was born around the end of October, 1997 (although I don't really remember it)

How did you end up with your owner?
I was adopted from the SPCA in Thames, when I was four months old. They called me 'Rainbow', so I count it a lucky escape. I was a birthday present to my owner, for their eleventh birthday... and because the family hadn't had a cat for a whole eight months, since they moved to New Zealand.

New  Zealand, huh? Where do you live now?
Still in New Zealand. My owner keeps moving - I spent the last few years happily with the family in Auckland, and this last year I've been moved into my owner's student flat. It has cars and I dislike them, but I also get more attention here. I go back home to visit for Christmas and other holidays.

Have you travelled much in your life?
Not really. I've been moved around New Zealand a bit, most memorably from Hamilton to Auckland - when I got to roam loose in the car the whole way, after cunningly escaping from my box right at the beginning. But otherwise, I stay at home, or occasionally move between my owner's new flat, and the main family home.

How often do you go to the vet?
Very rarely, I'm very healthy. I've been exactly three times - once for thatnastyoperationIdon'treallyremember, once for weird flea allergies stuff, and then once this year for a check up.

Do you have fleas?
HISSS. Occasionally. And then my owner puts nastyBAD stuff on me by squeezing it sneakily out of a tube onto the back of my neck, and then it is cold and tastes nasssssty for hours and I hatessss it. And my owner isn't allowed to stroke me.  

You look short-haired - why is your owner always complaining about your fur?
Because my fur has magic powers and breeds.

...okay. How do you deal with all that fur?
I don't, I just get hairballs, which are fun. I like making hacking noises and watching my owner panic. My owner uses a Furminator brush on me,, which I was a bit suspicious of, but now enjoy. 

What do you like?
I enjoy sleeping, sunshine, being stroked, headbutting people, attention, food (but not cheap stuff!), sleeping in boxes, being carried, and people.

My photographer and typist's blog is over here at The Flying Cat