Tuesday, March 22, 2011

21st March, Many Photos...

My terrible owner has been neglecting my adoring fans - all this time they were taking photos of me, but neglecting to upload them. When I discovered this, I forced them to rectify this tragic situation immediately by purring loudly and smearing loose fur on their pillow.

Here I am, preparing to sneak up the bed and launch an attack on the pillow... as soon as my owner looks away, of course.

Here I am carrying out one of my regular carpet quality checks - I make sure to lie down in every part of the house to check comfort levels!

I have beautiful whiskers. I also enjoy a nice cup of tea - especially right before my owner goes to take a sip, and finds my head in the way. This cup is now empty - I like this one, because I can get my head all the way to the bottom.

Here I was fiendishly attacked by the brush! I tried to resist by rubbing my loose fur against my owner's clothes, but succumbed eventually, purring and flopping to the ground...

Defeated. But at least I am safe, surrounded by my favourite toys - the brush, the scratchy headrest with moving ball and fluff on a stick, and the owner. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mar 8th, Office Kitty Has Finished With Paperwork

I helped my owner with the paperwork, ate a lot of crisps off the floor, purred, and then after this exhausting workday, took a quick two hour power nap on the chair.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 6th, Creepy Backlighting

Alll who live in this house do so with my permission. Owner! Get down here and feed me - or see your ehternet cable mysteriously shredded...

Friday, March 4, 2011

March 5th, Snuggly Rug Love

My love for the soft fluffy rug knows no bounds. Oh happy days.

4th Mar - Sleep Attack

Today I hid from the rain and slept a lot. I have rediscovered the fluffy rug and this makes me happy.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2nd March, Ready To Write!

Well, I'm back! Standards have been very slack on this blog and in this flat! I've finished sleeping on every surface and have knocked over everything my owner piled onto various walkways in my absence (the table, the chest of drawers - that kind of thing), and been fed. And now I'm all ready to start writing... or at least to hold some pens!

OOC: Return of the Cat

My cat is back with me, and will be making an appearance again on this blog. She is fit and healthy and happy, and (I suspect) has been thoroughly spoilt by my parents.

What was wrong? I don't know, but it could have been some kind of poison she ingested recently, or poison eaten long ago, then stored in the fat cells - to re-emerge when she lost too much weight (she's fatter now!)
More worryingly, it could be some long term illness or degradation. I may never know what the problem was, but for now she seems very well.

And still determined to knock off everything on every surface of my room, before settling down at night.