Tuesday, March 22, 2011

21st March, Many Photos...

My terrible owner has been neglecting my adoring fans - all this time they were taking photos of me, but neglecting to upload them. When I discovered this, I forced them to rectify this tragic situation immediately by purring loudly and smearing loose fur on their pillow.

Here I am, preparing to sneak up the bed and launch an attack on the pillow... as soon as my owner looks away, of course.

Here I am carrying out one of my regular carpet quality checks - I make sure to lie down in every part of the house to check comfort levels!

I have beautiful whiskers. I also enjoy a nice cup of tea - especially right before my owner goes to take a sip, and finds my head in the way. This cup is now empty - I like this one, because I can get my head all the way to the bottom.

Here I was fiendishly attacked by the brush! I tried to resist by rubbing my loose fur against my owner's clothes, but succumbed eventually, purring and flopping to the ground...

Defeated. But at least I am safe, surrounded by my favourite toys - the brush, the scratchy headrest with moving ball and fluff on a stick, and the owner. 

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