Monday, April 18, 2011

Snuggly Warm

I can't be bothered co-operating with interesting photos right now. I have a warm place to sleep, at last, and I'm melting all the nasty cold weather out of my bones.

I may never leave this spot again, and I think I shall require my owner to bring me my food on a tray.

Moss has a new place to sleep - an old cat bed heating mat from a friend. As she suffers rather badly from arthritis in the cold, and... well, is a cat, I predict that she won't leave it for the rest of winter. It certainly has suddenly become her favourite place to sleep - she hasn't left it since I introduced her to it earlier this afternoon!

  It also serves double duty as a footwarmer for me, if I put it under the desk! (With the cat on top, of course). I should put something on top of it, but it'll have to withstand cat fur. Currently it's tough plastic, with a network of wires through it - but doesn't get too hot to touch. 

I think I'll look into buying her a heated cat bed - she normally refuses to sleep in anything I actually buy for her for longer than two weeks, abandoning it forever after that. This is a problem, because I really don't need an extra coating of fur on my pillow.

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