Monday, January 17, 2011

18th Jan, Sparrows Make Good Gifts

An early morning post today - my owner was awake early, and I took the opportunity to bring them a gift - this quivery little sparrow.

It's still all nasty and rainy, but my fur is very thick, so I don't really notice it. And it was worth getting wet to catch a bird! I had to call for ages before my owner let me in though - even though I was using my special 'my mouth is full, come see what I brought you' yowls!

I dropped it my owner's feet when the door opened - stupid thing tried to hide against the door. I consider it a mark of my skill that I never kill - or even seriously maim - the birds and mice I bring my owner to catch. Perhaps one day they'll actually learn how to chase them properly...

I did wander back to have a look again, but I got yelled at, so I left the silly birdbrained thing alone and went to dry off on the laptop. When I went back to have another look, it was gone.

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