Friday, January 21, 2011

22nd Jan, In Which I Am Exiled From My Dais

My table has been taken over by many bits of technology, so I am staying on the carpet for now. And plotting vengeance (currently favouring lying over the vents and getting fur into everything, but I could just pull the 'flop, roll, push, CRASH' manoeuvre).

Today was entertaining. My person's alarm went off shortly after daylight arrived, and I had been starving for hours, so I crashed through the bedroom door calling excitedly. When there was no response to my greeting, I found a pile of books to sit on and began a constant demand for food. The human cracked quickly, I have trained them well.

It rained more today, nasty and wet, so I stayed inside. Later that day I was being paid court to by three people, and being shown the various fish that were being raised for my dinner, and asked which I would like to start with - I am currently leaning towards the large round blue one. My owner then went to the door, pointed at me, and said "Moss, Stay!", so I immediately jumped down and ran over.

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